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Silent Mode+ PRO (DND)

1.99 usd

Have you ever put your phone in silent mode (do not disturb mode) and missed important calls because you forgot to turn on the volume? No more missed calls!What is it?• Automatically restore from the silent/vibration mode• Even though the phone is in silent mode, if there is an urgent call, then the phone will ring
Who needs it?• Your friend/spouse who never picks up the phone because it is in silent mode! • People who often forgets to turn back on the ringer after the movie/class/meeting/work• Moms: Shhh baby is sleeping (Use Urgent Call feature)• Students: Use Schedule feature to automatically silence the phone when the class starts and restore volume when the class finishes• Workers: Silence it for work hours or during the meeting• Sleep lovers: People who doesn't want to be waken up by some frank calls but to turn their ringer on for certain people (Use Whitelist) or emergencies (Use Urgent Call feature)• Always on Call: doctors, nurses, IT managers, have a family member who is sick
What does it do?• Before a movie starts, put your phone into silent mode and set 2 hours in SM+. SM+ will restore the volume in 2 hours• Schedule*?: You can schedule to have your device to go into silent mode automatically at specified time• Don't Miss Urgent Calls*: When the same number calls 3 times within 5 minutes, the third incoming call will ring with the maximum volume• Whitelist*: Calls from the important people will ring even if you are in silent/vibration mode
* Paid-version-only-features
Note: The 'priority mode' is not supported in Android version 5.0 due to the bug in the OS. Google has fixed the issue for version 5.1+ so the 'priority mode' will work in version 5.1+.
Permissions:• VIBRATE: For a better touch experience• GET_TASKS: to prevent the SM+ dialog from popping up while using certain apps• RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED: For the scheduler to work after the reboot• READ_PHONE_STATE: For the 'Don't Miss Urgent Calls' feature (to check if the same number called 3 times within 5 minutes)• READ_CONTACTS: For the 'Whitelist' feature (to add from the contact list)